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Continuing Education
and Your License

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On June 30th agent license renewals are due by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. When an agent completes a continuing education course - their course provider will submit their completion certificate to Pulse Portal to be counted as a completed CE. Agents should monitor their transcript yearly to keep track of their CE's and make sure that they are compliant before the next renewal period.

Any agents who do not have their required CE's completed by the due date are subject to having the Commerce Department terminate their license and agents would need to pay to have their license renewed.


Renewal Years

Every two years an agents' license comes due to be renewed*, you can view your license renewal date by checking the expiration date on your most current copy of your real estate license. Agents must have 30 credits total (with 15 credits due each year) by the end of their renewal period and can only take each class once during their 2-year renewal period, so please make sure your course ID's don't match (or you will only get credit for one of those duplicate classes).

Required module: a required module is due each year regardless of your renewal year. This course counts toward your total credits. (Agency Laws & Fair Housing needs to be taken once during the two year renewal period and will be noted on your CE Transcript as a "credit needed" when they are due).

When license is due next year

Agents typically owe 15 credits that year to remain compliant, even if your license is NOT due to renew this current year - agents MUST still complete their CE's to keep their license.

(This applies to both active agents AND resource agents)

When license is due the current year

Agents need to finish their remaining 15 credits to earn a total of 30 for their two-year renewal period. In addition, they must pay the license renewal processing fee which is included in their agent invoice - this is to pay the Department of Commerce for the renewed license.

(This applies to both active agents AND resource agents)

*IF a new agent applies for their license during the renewal period window, the Department of Commerce may adjust their first license renewal period for that agent to have one year only to complete 30 credits due the next year - so you will want to check your license.

Renewal Years

How to check your CE Transcript

Proof of your completed CE's should be submitted to the compliance staff at to ensure that the Department of Commerce officially recognizes all of your completed credits.

(Completion certificates are not a valid form of confirmation for MN Residents as your transcript is the final proof that the state recognizes all of your classes. MN will not allow staff members to renew licenses until an agents' CE transcript shows everything as completed).

1.      Go to

2.       Choose “Real Estate” as a Board

3.       Scroll down to "Other Services" and select “Review Your CE Transcript” 

4.       Enter your last name, license number and Social Security Number

5.       Select “Next”

7.       Choose your license type, either salesperson or broker

8.       Click “View/Refresh Report”

This report shows several columns at the top along with the current year: "Credits Required", "Credits Earned", "Credits Still Needed". You will want to make sure that your "Credits Still Needed" is at 0 to be compliant.

Can't See Your Transcript?: Make sure you have your pop-up blockers turned off.

If your license is up for renewal this year: The brokerage must renew your license on your behalf, and will do so once they receive proof of your completed transcript (and your license renewal processing fee). NOTE: Course providers have up to 10 days to upload your completion certificates to Pulse Portal so it's strongly advised not to wait until the last second to take your classes.

How to chec your CE Transcript

Non-Resident Agents

The exception to agents who DO NOT submit their transcript but rather their Completion Certificates is non-resident agents. Each year you will submit copies of your Course Completion Certificates to the compliance staff at to remain compliant. 

Non-Resident Agents will NOT have access to their CE Transcript, so you will want to make sure you are taking all individual classes in your 2 year renewal period and the right amount of classes each year.

Non-Resident Agents

For Transcript Submissions & Questions



Who to submit CE's to

WI Agents

For WI licensed agents, CE is due every even year (2022,2024, etc.). WI license renewal works differently than MN, in that the agent themselves is responsible for uploading their CE transcript to DSPS. The link to login and upload your transcript is here: 
Please also email a copy of your CE transcript to:

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