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Welcome and Congratulations Joining Greater Midwest Realty!

We appreciate you taking the first step forward! And we are excited to get you started! We believe in growth in both our new and existing agents and are constantly changing to meet the needs and challenges that agents face. 


Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

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Getting Started

Step 1


Agent Services will reach out to you to set you up!

They will assist in the following:

  • Activates your license

  • Sets up board membership

  • Orders business cards

  • Offers all essential links

  • Schedules headshots

Step 2


Set up a time and date to meet with our Broker Associate to get some one-on-one training. 

You will learn the following:

  • Core skills to being an agent

  • Utilizing GMR's systems

  • The basics of a transaction

  • Basic troubleshooting

  • and more!

Step 3

Start Growing!

Become an active member in our GMR Community through our online AND in-person resources!

Networking opportunities:

  • Facebook agent group

  • Monthly sales meetings

  • Different challenges/events

  • Agent resource area in-house


  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
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