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Jill Warner

Transaction Specialist

I love helping real estate agents and clients with all their real estate needs. I am a problem solver and am very organized. My background is in real estate and business.

I love spending time with my family outdoors and traveling to new places!

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"Why Hire Me?"

Did you know that there are about 189 tasks in a transaction?  By enrolling in Sota's Transaction Services, I immediately start working on alleviating these tasks so you can focus on where it counts: generating leads and being the best agent you can be!

Here are a few core competencies I bring to the table!:

  • I am a licensed real estate agent and experienced Transaction Coordinator

  • I know crazy and I know Real Estate

  • Problem solving is my specialty

  • My passion is freeing up agent's time to secure additional clients and opportunities

Buyer Files


"To say that she has been what I have been searching for in an "assistant" so to speak (but much, much more than that), would be downplaying it. She and I work extremely well together bouncing ideas around as well as her getting me on the right track with my systems to help me move my business forward. I would honestly be just out there trying to figure things out on my own. Throwing foolish money at this or that to hopefully help me with my biz. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to KvCore and has really helped to guide me with what to do and more importantly...HOW to do the system. She truly understands where I am at, how I work, and really what I am capable of and I can't imagine NOT having her looking out for me and helping me."

- Rob Reinke


  • Review contract for completion and compliance

  • Add contract to compliance software

  • Calculate transaction timelines

  • Create Google channel for agent/client communication 

  • Always include agent in all correspondence

  • Buyer or seller congratulations email with copies of contract

  • Send earnest money instructions help with Trust Funds

  • Reminders for contingencies

  • Coordinate inspection upon agent request (update all on file)

  • Update title and lender about inspection

  • Preparation of disclosures, amendments with signing

  • Track appraisal and notify parties on status

  • Make sure title commitment is received and clear

  • Check with the lender every week for an update and
    that underwriting is complete to schedule closing

  • Help schedule final walk through and closing with all on file

  • Conduct final audit 7 days prior to closing for file completion

  • Settlement statement reviewal and send to agent and client

  • Add closing documents to compliance software

  • Get client feedback on transaction for agent

  • Make sure commission statement is correct and is disbursed


  • $350 per transaction

  • Offer writing available

  • After hours availability


  • Create listing documents for agent to go over with client

  • Put signed listing documentation into compliance software

  • Always include agent in all correspondence

  • Create link in MLS for agent

  • Make sure all disclosures are in MLS with pictures and maps

  • Send MLS proof to agent to approve

  • Make listing active in MLS, input ShowingTime instructions with lockbox code

  • Send agent and client instructional video on how to use ShowingTime

  • Check listing on and other sites

  • Send client copy of all documents

  • Make sure listing has final approval in compliance software

  • Keep timeline to help agent get listing Sold

  • Send reminders about price updates and other amendments

  • When under contract review and send contract to client

  • Change status in MLS to Contingent on Inspection or Pending

  • Move to the transaction under contract phase


  • $350 per transaction

  • Offer writing available

  • After hours availability

  • Listing and Pending Services are included in $350 fee

Listing Files
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